March 31, 2020

The Intolerable Acts

Leslie Bridge

The “Intolerable Acts” is part 6 of my ongoing Fourth of July pre-celebration revisiting American Revolution history. The British parliament responded to the Boston Tea Party by passing laws the colonies called the “Intolerable Acts.” They closed the Boston Harbor pending the people of Boston paying for the lost tea. They eliminated the Massachusetts elected government council, and gave the governor new powers to control public meetings. They expanded the Quartering Act requiring British troops to be housed in private homes. These and other acts were intended to punish the people of Massachusetts for their disobedience, and discourage other colonies from opposing British rule. Instead, the Intolerable Acts united the colonies against Britain.

To learn more about the “Intolerable Acts,” see the Kidport Intolerable Acts reference materials. You may also be interested in our Intolerable Acts video collection.

In the next session I’ll talk about the First Continental Congress.

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