May 31, 2020

Quest for Independence

Quest for Independence

Quest for Independence

Quest for Independence is part 3 of my American Revolution refresher. I’ll talk about the events leading to the revolution. In part 1, I talked about how the French and Indian War was a contributing factor to the revolution.

The quest for independence was the result of an ongoing series of grievances the colonists had against Britain. A main grievance was Taxation without Representation. Britain regularly passed laws affecting the colony that were in favor of Britain. For example, the Navigation Act restricted colonists from competing with British businesses. Britain also passed taxes on glass, paper, teas, paints and other goods shipped to the colonies from Britain. This was to raise money to cover the cost for defending the colonies, and pay the salaries of governors and judges in the colonies. The colonists rallied behind the phrase, “No Taxation without Representation.”

To learn more about the Quest for Independence, see the Kidport American Revolution, Quest for Independence reference materials. You may also be interested in the Events Leading to the American Revolution video collection.

In my next blog, I’ll talk about the Boston Massacre.

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