May 31, 2020

French Indian War

French Indian War - Burning At Stake

French Indian War - Burning At Stake

To see the origins of the American Revolution we need to go back to the French Indian War. Britain had just fought the French and Indian War, gaining control of Canada and much of the land east of the Mississippi. Britain now needed more money to maintain soldiers in all these areas. In 1764, the British government decided to tax the colonists to pay a share of these costs. They taxed sugar bought from the French or Spanish, and created the Stamp Act requiring all newspapers and legal documents to carry a stamp purchased from the British. These taxes angered the colonists. Although the colonist eventually forced the British to eliminate the Stamp Act and to reduce the taxes on sugar, it was the start of the quest for independence. The Quest for Independence will be the next topic.

To learn more about the French Indian War, see the Kidport French Indian War reference materials.

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